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robbankrobber's Journal

Rob Bankrobber
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Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.
a static lullaby, acceptance, afi, almost famous, american beauty, anberlin, andrew wk, applebees, arizona green tea, armor for sleep, arthur, black gary, blink 182, bono, brad pitt, brand new, bruschetta chicken, california, cameron crowe, cameron diaz, chasing amy, cheesecake, coldplay, dashboard confessional, david fincher, death by stereo, denim, drive-thru records, edward scissorhands, elisha cuthbert, erik raj, everytime i die, fairweather, fight club, finch, freehold raceway mall, friends, from autumn to ashes, frou frou, further seems forever, garden state, glassjaw, grand theft auto, gremlins, hot rod circuit, in pieces, jason lee, jerry maguire, jimmy eat world, joe tbr, john cusack, kissing a fool, lottery, madden, mae, magnolia, mallrats, maroon 5, marshall amps, micheal jackson, midtown, mountain dew code red, movies, music, mxpx, new found glory, no milk records, nyc, ohio, peter gabriel, poison the well, pulp fiction, rain, red house painters, saved by the bell, saves the day, say anything, seven, shop rite, shows, signature escape, sigur ros, snapple apple, snow patrol, something corporate, spider-man, spiritualized, spitalfield, steven seagal, story of the year, straylight run, taking back sunday, target, tbr van, that thing you do, the ataris, the bank robbers, the blood brothers, the calling, the crew, the early november, the edge, the family man, the game, the get up kids, the girl next door, the goonies, the juliana theory, the last samurai, the movielife, the pattern reversed, the police, the postal service, the regent, the starting line, the used, the wonder years, the wonders, three's company, thrice, thrift stores, thursday, tom cruise, touring, true romance, u2, vanilla coke, vanilla sky, walmart, women, writing, zoolander